ELA01 Linear Actuator

Key Features

More Powerfull

More Silent

More Duty Cycle

Lower Cost

Longer Life

Standart Features

Push Load Capacity                                      6000N (max.)

Push Load Capacity                                     4000N (max.)

Speed (full load to no load)                        7-9 mm/s

Installation Dimension                                Stroke + 166 mm

Motor                                                            24 V DC

Power Consumption                                   120 W

Current Consumption                                 5A

Limit Switch                                                 Signal type

Duty Cycle                                                    10% (1/9)

Housing Colour                                           Grey RAL 7035

Guidance Profile                                         Anodized Aluminium

Stroke Pipe                                                  Anodized Aluminium

Gear Clevis                                                  4 x 90 °

Protection Type                                          IPX6

Cable                                                           1,5 m with Minifit Plug