HLA01 Hydraulic Actuator

The Hydraulic Linear Actuator is a reliable selfcontained
hydraulic actuator for use in stretchers and
trolleys. The pump cylinder, valves and reservoir recombined
into one compact, maintanance free unit.
The Stretcher Actuator with its integrated guidance
can handle high inside loads.
Therefore, no additional actuation or support
mechanism is needed in the design of the strecther or
trolley. This can lower the manufacturing cost of the
stretcher or trolley. The Stretcher Actuator is easy to
install and built for long life.

STROKE                                                       280-330 mm
LENGTH                                                      350-440 mm
MAX.DYNAMIC FORCE                                      4,5 kN
MAX.STATIC LOAD                                                 8 kN
MIN.PUMP STROKE                                       17-20 mm
DESCENT TIME                                                    4-8 sec